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From your favorite design software, our platform will be able to import the needed datas to create the proper base data structure.

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According to and upholding the industry regulations regarding the major standards of the informations representation and publishing formats.

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Just select the standard you need, our platform will provide you the formatted document according to your selection and customization.

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Along the integrated management system, you will be able to check the availability of maintenance and spare parts, the teams involved, the transactions and the related documentation produced.

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Base scope of technical documentation is to grant proper, correct and up to date informations to the subjects who needs.

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I.T.E.M.S. AviMan

Product designed for the aerospace industry, initially designed for quickly creating manuals for aircraft furniture and vehicles of new construction, or in modification and revision. Now evolving to meet and solve problems of more complex operability, both related to the productive and maintenance flow, on site or through third parties, up to real time reporting, interaction, visualization.

The Architecture

Local made remote and mobile

Underlying I.T.E.M.S. AviMan there is a complex set of multi-platform technologies that allow you to offer you the possibility of establishing an uniform system of information throughout your enterprise, no matter in which point of the industry or from where you operate.

All that, thanks to the secured set of synchronized data managed by our modular system that we can provide and adapt to changing of your needs or of your customers‘ needs.

Information is the key

Information - enables users to better understand the standards process and how to use the standards.

Technical Documentation: the starting point.

Throughout the full set of chapters that form the manual of an aircraft are inherent a series of complex management informations rather nourished by number and sometimes by nature. For a careful eye, however, from this set of information, it is possible to extrapolate and sometimes improve with a minimal integration, an information base that meets not only needs technical and operational needs, but also management and managerial requirements.

Tell it faster...

Too often along the internal bureaucratic chain of a complex “industrial machine” as a company operating in the aerospace industry, the immediacy of informations is sacrificed because of the economic planning that does not reflect the operational realities, or even more often by the transfer of the related documentation, approval timings and so on. Also different ways of exchanging informations affects the need immediacy of the operational/maintenance departments, including the technical publishing, the engineering departments and so on. tell it better

Our platform tends to solve* all this providing an homogeneous system of informations and data exchange, on the fly.. or should we say “on the flight”?!

In a single, easy to use UI, passing by departments servers and workstations to mobile terminals, we cover the whole process starting from the project specifications till the orders related to the spare parts in case of maintenance, once your vehicle is in revision or operation.

* Depends by your enterprise position in the industry value chain.


Every single step requires many decision processes, support documentation, costs evaluation all related with each other by different administrative, economical and operational aspects, but with in common the project data.

That is why, starting by your specification we can offer you the solution of all the aspects involved in the industry, no matter from which point of the value chain you operate, you will be able to communicate your needs, document them, discuss and adopt the case solutions, operating in a coherent, dedicated and homogeneous information system according with the specification recommendations.

iSpec 2200

..."use best practices and apply cost-effective advanced technology to information processes for aircraft support."..

Last but not the least: Customer Care

Industry standard service center should:

  1. Ensure up to date support documentation and informations.
  2. Make the fruition of represented, proposed, content easy and clear.
  3. Collect, Organize, Represent coherent informations, respecting standard and regulation.
  4. Reduce the operation time and related costs in support and support activities, like maintenance and after market related situations with valid, usable, documentation and ready services.

The true scope of a production flow is to let enjoy in safety and comfort the Product in every single aspect.

Main Functionalities

  1. Every Manual Editor has its own peculiarities and dedicated automation procedures to speed up the editing of the specified manual, without the need of manage layouts, aligments and so on. Dedicated modules for the provided situation will help solving the content organization with less to no hassle: edit, preview, generate, distribute.
  2. Replicate a revision, some could ask why these functionalities could or should help me in my plannings; a simple example, pretend you have some hull, all the same, not configured with uniform data management (you did not want to go in a deeper management); now you have planned a revision issue for every single one of them since you should customize the one on the go upon your customer needs. Would be better to do what, manage everything separately and lose time on reassembling or click and duplicate your base revision data ready to be edited for a deeper customization?
  3. In case of adoption of new specifications, updated details or installation procedure, we know you have basically two choices: issue a new data revision, adopt a temporary revision. What if you could adopt your temporary revision, basing yourself on the existing data, edit what you need for the updated configuration and just re-emit your manuals without hassles for figure reporting and linking among the issued interested ata(s), subjects and so on? We would like it, what about you?
  4. No embedding, no javascript, just pdf technology compatible starting from 1.4 version. Why starting from a that old version? Why no scripts? Simple, maximum cross platform compatibility starting from a really old hardware machines to the last smartphone on the market. And no security vulnerabilities due to 3rd parties technology scripting.
  5. Call it Reference, call it Index Table link, call it when or how you need it, our linkage system works among the documents and or cross documents, using native PDF links, internal or remote ones depends by cases. The best example of cross document interaction could be: i am the operator looking to a partlist in AIPC wandering what should i do to remove some of the items i am looking at in that beautiful illustration. I do click on that magenta link in the AIPC and surprise i find miself looking at the AMM D.e.O. for what i was looking for, and if my engineers did the good job, straight forward to what i was looking for: Removal and Installation for the Figure i was lookin at in the AIPC manual. Yes but, hmm, am i skilled to do this? Could i do it alone or i should call for help? How much would it take? I do click on that magenta link in AMM TASK code and surprise MPD gets opened at the right page and point, telling me what i was wandering for. Meanwhile i forgot what items should i look for in our wharehouse (or ask to the operator) i take a look at the MPD page and i find the subject link, here we go, AIPC opened at the figure i was initially looking at. Interation Cross Document(s), all natural, no hassle, no scripts and lot of time gained in documents conusltation.
  6. The standard we do not think should be explained here. If you do not have ideas about the one listed, just have a look in your favourite best engine. We adopt them and try to be in or pre-time compliant to the requisites are shown or demanded to be compliant. All the rules are naturally respected and adopted as reccomended in IT, ICT and encription of the produced documents and formats.

The true scope of a production flow is to let enjoy in safety and comfort the Product in every single aspect. The goal of our pltform is to make it easy.

Something more do you want to know? Please, contact us, we will be happy to help you out on your curiosities.

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